5th May 2011

Who Murderd Roger Ackroyd by Pierre Bayard and Nectar In A Sieve by Karmala Markandaya

If you are a student of psychology then "Who Killed Roger Ackroyd" by Pierre Bayard is the book for you.  It was full of Freudian and some Jungian elements.  The big element Bayard focused on was the Oedipal Complex.  I don't think that Christie had that in mind when she wrote "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd."

Also,  this book is full of spoilers.  In this regaurd it's best to have read all of Christie's work before one reads the Bayard book.  

As I mentioned before if one is a student of psychology, especially Freudian themes, this is your book.

"Nectar In A Sieve" by Kamala Markandaya is one of those books you have to read in one sitting.  I started it a 7:00 am and finished around 12:30 pm. 

It was a very emotionally moving story.  While I was reading it I kept thinking about a Bollywood film that I had seen "Mother India."  I would project the characters from "Nectar"  into the landscape of "Mother India." 

"Nectar" is a realistic story about the struggles the main character, Rukmani, had to encounter during her life.  She was a child bride who had to learn everything as she went about her days.  She lived through drought, famine, adultery, and the loss of family members. 

This story is full of emotion, so be prepared to be emotionally moved.

I recently joined the goodreads community.  It is a web site where one can list all the books they have read, what they are currently reading, and what they want to read.  I am listed under quirkyreader.  The full web site is  www.goodreads.com

Keep on reading, whether it be an e-book, on the computer, or on paper.