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Agatha Christie, First Lady of Crime

As promised here is the review of "The First Lady of Crime" by H.R.F. Keating. 

The book itself is broken up into 13 sections.  It deals with sections on biography, sales all over the world, theater, films, and portraiture of characters.

This tome was written in 1977 and is well worth looking out for , for the pictures alone.  There are some rare ones including the caricature drawn by Nicolas Bentley, which I have included above.

The section on films was rather interesting.  It critiques all three versions of "And Then There Were None."  Because of when it was written there are only a few comparisons of Poirot on celluloid, and only one Miss Marple.

The other section that really stood out to me was, the section on theater.  Especially now because I am trying to track down copies of the plays to read.  There are some great still photos from "Alibi" and "Mousetrap."  

Hopefully this book catches your intrest and you will search for it.  

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